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Problem Solving For Frozen Food Products

Brand experience & creative marketing

BirdsEye sells frozen fruits & vegetables products. My insight was frozen products are perceived as unhealthy due to the fact that it is usually displayed next to the unhealthy products.
As part of my solution, I suggested a separate branded fridge which would be located at the front section right next to the non-frozen vegetables & fruits. In order to keep the product frozen, I designed a branded cooler bag, which can be attached to the shopping cart. This way, consumers may pick frozen items right at the beginning when they enter the store without any concern. In addition, I designed a fun interactive game called "Ice Breaker", in order to make BirdsEye and the consumer engage with one another and have great user experience and interaction with the brand. By using the hammer, the user slams as hard as he can on a platform with sensors. If the user reaches a certain level with his slam, He can win a free BirdsEye product.


Designed & Coded by tamir moses